Mythic Wisdom Workshops

Mythic Wisdom workshops with Selena serve the purpose of implementing archetypal psychology and spirituality in order to better understand our individual psyche. Gaining this understanding empowers us to live rich, balanced lives receptive to compassion, love, and abundance.

Selena’s work aims to foster connection with our intuition. When we can listen to our intuition we are clear in our life’s calling, we can balance listening and asserting our needs and desires, and can handle daily responsibilities with greater ease and calm. We acknowledge and embrace our shadow. We use our voice. We embody movement and breathing. We cultivate our knowledge. These are tools in order to transform our relationships, strengthen our inner warrior, embrace our lover, and manifest healthy, balanced, happy lives. 

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“Imagination and Intuition”: January 20, 2018 @ The Crooked Path Apothecary

The new year brings opportunity for new beginnings, insights, and goals. In this workshop we will learn to foster communication with our intuition and to culminate our imagination via the teachings of various deities and archetypes. In studying and connecting with archetypes we can develop an understanding of our psyche and learn to overcome our personal challenges in order to “follow our bliss” (Joseph Campbell).

“Embracing the Feminine Warrior”:  December 18, 2017 @ The Crooked Path Apothecary

This workshop focuses on understanding aspects of the dark feminine and the feminine warrior. We will explore various archetypes and characters in mythology and in mainstream media (comic books, movies). What is the feminine warrior? How can we harness her power to heal the wounded feminine, to assert her strength and confidence, to manifest opportunity, and reach our potential? Additionally, how do we balance and integrate her strength with the masculine?

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