Consulting and Research

Selena is available for research projects, consulting, and creative development in the areas of mythology, world religions, archetypal psychology, dance, and martial arts.

Highlighted Projects and Expertise:

Orixás and African Diaspora Traditions Study Group:  Initiated and lead a Facebook group designed to share information and resources relating to Orixás and the African Diaspora Traditions. Provide readings for discussion. Aiming to organize in-person workshops teaching basic concepts within the African Diaspora Traditions, Afro-Brazilian dance, history, and mythologies.

Martial Arts Training:  Lameco (Filipino Martial Arts), Capoeira, Shaolin Kung Fu, Aikido

Dance Training:  Middle Eastern bellydance, snake dance, ballet, modern, Flamenco, Argentine tango, Afro-Brazilian

Art History, Religious Traditions & Cultural Anthropology:  Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek, Japanese warrior arts, Eastern philosophy, Occult studies, African Diaspora, Hindu Traditions

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