About Selena

Selena is a dynamic, adventurous, and eclectic individual who delightfully infects you with her friendliness, her curiosity, and her overall passion for the mysteries of spirituality, culture, and the human psyche. She loves to laugh and has a knack for finding the optimistic aspects to any situation. She loves to connect the dots – whether between people or between concepts and ideas.

Her diverse spiritual practices gives her a love of magic and the fanciful teachings found in fantasy, folklore, and mythology. Magic is a part of all of us and can guide us through life’s obstacles. Magic is a conduit in fostering connecting with one’s intuition, which to her, is akin to connecting with the divine. Selena carefully and respectfully works with deities from various pantheons, such as Hindu traditions, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, and Yoruban.

As a trained dancer and martial artist, she has cultivated her learnings and passion into a shareable practice designed to help women (re)connect with their inner warrior, lover, and other archetypes. Her training stems from bellydance, snakedance, ballet, Capoeira, Filipino Lameco, Kung Fu, and Aikido.

Selena is actively working on her dissertation for her PhD in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate University, where she holds her M.A. Pacifica has provided her the foothold in an academic foundation to support her array of spiritual practices and holistic approaches for cultivating a powerful, loving, and nurtured feminine. She is currently working with her partner, Orpheus Black, in his thriving coaching practice around sexuality, intimacy, kink, and interpersonal power dynamics.

Aladdin_Oct 2017 (1)
Selena’s “furbaby” Aladdin
Selena_Streets of Willow
Selena on the Streets of Willow Racetrack

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