Embrace 2018 with Imagination and Intuition

A new year is a time to invite positive change.  2017 has proved to be a year of tiresome obstacles, confusion, and anger for many in our culture both individually and collectively.  A full moon – a super moon – opens the doorway into 2018, presenting the opportunity for creativity and inviting us to tap into the powers of our imagination and intuition.

The New Year invites us to set intentions.  Available to us are various archetypal tools to utilize and launch our ideas into action.  Rather than suppressing or judging our emotions, harness these powers of the feminine energies to inspire our dreams.  Balance in the masculine to provide the driving force to these feminine powers.

I consider myself to be quite adaptable and constantly changing.  Even with this attitude, change and the death/rebirth cycle can be quite scary.  This cycle brings confusion, doubt, and sometimes depression.  However, to follow through can bring freedom, release of burdens, release of repressed energy, the ability to trust, and allows for healthy emotional experiences.  We can create, live, and relate with a deeper perspective.  Manifesting change shakes our core and it is important to find ways to remain grounded and centered.

HestiaThe Greek Goddess of the Hearth, Hestia, is an important archetype in this regard.  Calm, dignified, and peaceful, Hestia is our space from which to work.  A secure individual is far better able to remain calm, clear, and centered during times of upheaval, stress, and transition.  Hestia gives us the space for reflection after a time of conquering obstacles, pushing forward into transition, and being in the world we both see and the one we wish to create.  Hestia provides us with the image of a cozy fire, nestled in feelings of safety and serenity.

In the ancient Greek world, homes contained a Hestian space where arguments were forbidden, political conversations adamently discouraged, and visitors received with warmth and kindness.  The goddess Hestia did not partake in quarrels amongst the other deities of Mount Olympus.  There were also no statues or temples in the name of Hestia, for Hestia existed in the space of the individual and in the heart space of the community.

Hekate has been present with us since Samhain (October solstice).  Hekate, a complicated dark goddess of the crossroads and of the underworld, is our guide between our realm of inspirations and dreams and our material realm.  She nurtures our empathic senses.  She lights the dark road.  Hekate teaches us there is no life without death – the essence of change – for in order to grow and be reborn, a part of us must die.

Hekate 3
Hekate by YourGirlYuri

Hekate’s origins are still under scholarly debate, however, she is believed to have originated in Asia Minor and began as an earth-centered goddess.  Time has evolved her to become largely associated with the moon, magic, and the supernatural.  She rules over the souls of the dead and is accompanied by the black dogs with fiery red eyes as she treks through the night time forests, guiding lost souls.  She is also our connection with intuition and our wild nature.  Our intuition instructs us when our head races with external stimuli and interference.  Our wild nature brings us back to the earth and the cosmos so we can become our authentic selves and fulfill our deeper purpose.

The archetype of the goddess of the hearth and that of the dark underworld goddess may seem to be two very different energies.  Hestia is our space to ground and re-center while Hekate leads us into our underworld journey.  One warrior to offer us strength along this path of transformation and harmonize these energies is the Hindu goddess Durga.

Durga is the active power of the feminine who guides us through conflict.  She is the power behind spiritual awakening.  She transforms the ego with compassion, gentleness, and nurturing.  Yet her fierceness is not to be underestimated.  She is known as the demon slayer in Hindu epics, calling forth the fearsome goddess of destruction Kali, from her third eye when more severe action is required.  Durga energy awakens to give direction and focus.  We find Durga emerging with the need to right a wrong.

This Hindu goddess gives inner meaning to the events we experience.  She unlocks our creative gifts.  She kindles love in our hearts, and she sparks healthy self-questioning for self-growth and awareness.  She dissolves the patterns that keep us stagnant.

Durga by TanMayMandal

Our society is overloaded with fast moving information.  We have diminished the value of interconnectedness, personal exchanges, intimacy, and communication.  We have lost touch with our own inner voice and our wild nature.   How do we expect to follow our dreams in this state of disconnect?  We must first be quiet enough to have them and brave enough to see them through.

Hestia provides us our home base.  Create a space that is comforting and conducive to regrouping.  Spend time in nature, resisting the urge to take a selfie or snap of these moments, but rather be present in the experience.  This is where you will finding your grounding when feeling confused, flustered, and stressed.  Taking even a few moments to quiet your mind and listen to your intuition will have no hindering effect on the flurry of tasks at hand, but will have a profound effect on your mental and emotional sense of calm.

Hekate lights the way into our dreams.  She lifts the veil between worlds, allowing us to see and move between them.  With her guidance we connect with the magic of the universe and with our inner magic, uniting them.  This is our divinity.

Durga gives us the strength and the courage to initiate the changes we desire.  She supplies us with the weapons – the tools – to spur into action.  Our imagination incites the ideas and Durga’s weaponry offers us the practical resources and the focus to be motivated and stay on track.

During this full moon we are sensitive, receptive, creative, and intuitive.  We have the power to bring our dreams to fruition.  Slay the demons of our ego, our fear, and all energies that hold us back and keep us stagnant.  Feel what it is to live our dreams, to be inspired, passionate, connected, and living with deeper meaning and fulfillment.

Change will not occur overnight and our empires will not be built within a day.  Be patient.  Treat yourself with kindness and compassion.  We will stumble along the path, but maintain your faith and courage that are you listening to your inner wisdom and are equipped to traverse the journey to realize your dreams.


4 thoughts on “Embrace 2018 with Imagination and Intuition

  1. Wow! I never thought about the aspect of judging out own emotions, and how that affects us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for sharing 😉


  2. Your talk was both in-depth and delightfully open to conversation. I have never heard the origin and purpose of the gods you spoke of, but I related to each of their stories and quickly identified how their archetype existed in my life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, and I hope to hear more in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Archetypal psychology and mythology teach just that: the deities are not apart from us, rather they are aspects of us to learn and grow from. I believe this approach can be a joyful, playful, and empowering way to achieve our healing and transformation.


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