Packing for the Journey

Source Unknown
Source Unknown

Greetings and welcome to my first blog post!  Chances are, since you are reading this, you either already know me and like a great friend are being supportive, or perhaps found me while googl’ing random key words such as “mystical, spiritual, art, history, mythology, culture, magick…” Any of those terms would certainly apply.

My purpose in beginning this blog is to align with my new journey:  After recently earning my B.A. in Art History from Loyola Marymount University, I am now embarking on a PhD program in Mythological Studies through Pacifica Graduate Institute and I am quite excited about it!

Since childhood I have been influenced by and interested in various studies within the myths, history, anthropology, world cultures, the arts, and the occult.  One of my favorite books to read as an adolescent was Edith Hamilton’s “Greek Mythology”; I regularly wrote short stories about magical creatures; I collected pegasus, unicorns, dragons, and swords.  Oh wait, perhaps that was just last week!

Such is the beauty of these studies:  telling stories, appreciating art, and – fingers crossed – extensive travel.  Sounds like fun, yes?!  Hence the idea behind this journey:  sharing stories through the myths and art of our wondrous cultures throughout history and the world.

~David W. Orr
~David W. Orr

Additionally, with a strong shift in spirituality and mysticism, that many are affected/confused/inspired by, I wish to explore these realms. I believe humankind is on a new path, awakening to ideas and inklings long dormant in the imagination and the subconscious.

Through the modalities offered within the academic setting of Mythological Studies and Art History, this journey includes realigning with ideas and teachings from the “Old Ways” (Wicca, Shamanism, Eastern philosophies); exploring energy, creative forces, and magick: discovering and/or reuniting with our Intuition, with our Self, and with whatever term we choose to give our personal Higher Power.

Someone very special to me coined the phrase “World Inspiration” as a counter to my playful quip of “world domination.”  World Inspiration.  This concept really struck a beautiful cord within me.

I welcome ideas and questions.  Or, just sit back and enjoy the trip!

Yours in Journeying,

 ~Selena Madden

Halloween 2014.  Face art by Chadwick Coleman.  Eyes by VampFangs.
Halloween 2014. Face art by Chadwick Coleman. Eyes by VampFangs.

1 thought on “Packing for the Journey

  1. congrats on your very first post, Selena. Looking forward to reading more!


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